The ruble is not much affected by recent events between the US and China

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Yesterday and today, the situation with ruble pairs roughly similar. Background information about Russian currency section filled with news, but they are some truncated: oil falling, but now adds back, Donald trump threatened China, but now changed my mind, investors have been relaxed in respect of statistics from Germany, but today he again had to mobilize, etc. the Local mood is changing every minute, but should move slightly to the side and it will be seen that ruble pair just floating ranges.
I would probably be the main priority of the ruble, but these factors now there. Raw material balances in “sideways” $70-73 per barrel of Brent, the Renminbi seems to be recovering after a significant drop, interest risk and then manifests itself. In the end, trade negotiations between the US and China are ongoing, and until they are, fundamentally, nothing will change.
The dollar can maintain balance within 65-66 RUB until you see fresh reasons for reactions. Earlier the Euro looked weak, almost dying, but managed to stabilize, ceased to fall, and that’s good. Here in the Euro/rouble, the actual corridor 73-74 RUB.
In General, nothing new. But, goes the old English adage, no news is good news (no news is also good news). And on the stand.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at “Information-analytical center,