The ruble is losing 0.5% after a drop of oil

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In the afternoon on Thursday the Russian ruble weakened to a basket of currencies. Dollar rises to 0.5% and is 67,05 RUB Euro rises in price on 0,2%, to RUB 77,25 Courses of the Bank of Russia for tomorrow is as follows: 66,86 RUB per U.S. dollar (reduced by 21 penny) and RUB at 77.21 per Euro (increased by 31 kopecks).
Oil this morning fell quite significantly, to date, large-scale sales declined in volume. A barrel of Brent is now $61,11 (-0,5%). The main trigger for the well-being of commodity quotations now lies in the successful negotiations between the U.S. and China.
Beijing has promised the States to buy more energy and products of the agricultural sector, which inspired investors to buy. However, we can hardly expect that further negotiations will go as smoothly because the conditions put forward by Washington, and have never liked China. So why would she change her mind now?
The U.S. dollar remains weak locally in the global currency market. This could support the ruble, but not now. The OFZ sector is also everything looks good, but the ruble here and not responding. What’s the matter? It seems that in the expectations. All a bit forgotten that on 15 January the Bank of Russia is preparing to enter the market with foreign currency purchases. This factor of pressure on the national currency. In addition, the “frozen” theme with the lifting of sanctions with the Russian aluminum companies. Well, then, is about to be released fresh data on inflation in Russia, they will not be very pleasant, but by itself the acceleration of the consumer price index owing to the increase in VAT is also negative for the ruble.
The dollar finished trading today within 66,80-67,50, the Euro closes the day around 77,10-77,65 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,