The ruble is focused on the outcome of the US Federal reserve meeting

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Last Friday, the rouble has suspended the recovery, allowing foreign currencies to rise a bit. So, the pair dollar/ruble felt the local support around 66 RUB and slightly recovered, settling near 66,50 RUB And strengthening has been limited, despite the overall improvement in the health of the dollar on the Forex mainly because of the collapse of the pound.
The pause in the strengthening of our currency is unlikely to last in the short term. In oil markets the week began with a gap up, and sound. Following the meeting of the Ministerial Committee of the OPEC countries has not been taken decision to increase production, despite the recent requirements trump. This factor should have good local support for the ruble, which, though rid of oil, but must respond to aggressive price spike, especially in the coming days, the peak of the tax period when the “wooden” traditionally feels more confident.
In the context of the upcoming weeks are important for the ruble will be a meeting of the US Federal reserve, which concludes on Wednesday. Moreover, the focus will be not on bet, in raising which no one doubts, and the rhetoric of the Central Bank, which will set the tone for the dollar. If the regulator will be reserved and even cautious, including from the trade war, “Americans” would have hard times. In the short term, the pair dollar/ruble is likely to trade near the level of 66 RUB
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group