The ruble is falling against the dollar, the oil adds per day 1.6%

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In the middle of the day on Thursday, the pair EURRUB is at 74.69, adding 11 cents to close Wednesday. USDRUB rising 4 cents to 66.01. Increasing pressure on global markets spurred cautious and buyers of the ruble. In this case, the oil adds per day 1.6%, rising to 66.6 per barrel of Brent. Thus, for investors still more important, the situation in global markets, rather than the medium on the dynamics of quotations of our main raw material.
There are growing signs that current levels given the weakening of the ruble is easier than growth. Investors pay attention on the negative factors than to positive, because now quotes are near the top of the trading range of recent months.
The movement of the dollar against the mark 66 was greeted with a rising trade volumes, compared with the days when the couple showed a decrease, which is an additional argument in the direction of further growth USDRUB. Technical analysis suggests that up to levels close 67 (consolidation reversal January and February), the pair will meet with serious obstacles to growth.
It should also pay attention to the strengthening of the dollar against the currencies of developed countries. As a rule, investors initially ignore this trend, but then the dollar is perceived as a serious deterrent to stock markets and hurts the currencies of developing countries.
The dynamics of the global markets is in this case an additional reason for concern. Asian sites are stuck in the correction after the impressive growth since the beginning of the year, and us markets once again retreating after failing to break resistance at 2800 on the S&P500.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,