The ruble is facing the threat of sanctions can dramatically collapse

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Wednesday, April 3, the ruble has tried to take a modest revenge, but managed to win only a dollar, and a dizzying success did not happen. Euro felt a sudden force on the news about the inevitably approaching Brucite on the terms of the European Union, that is no deal. At the close of trading the exchange rate of the us dollar calculations “tomorrow” fell by 8 kopecks (-0,12%), to 65.22 rubles, and the Euro rose by 14 kopecks (+0,19%), to 73.3 RUB.
On Wednesday in the U.S. Congress was still made adjusted the bill on anti-Russian sanctions. The text of the bill mentions five Russian state banks, including “Sberbank”, VTB and Rosselkhozbank, and the Ministry of Finance of the USA is to either lock located on the territory of the U.S. assets of several of them, either to deny U.S. citizens and legal persons to open accounts in these banks. Also, it is prohibited for American individuals and legal entities operations with state debt of the Russian Federation and on any investment in the Russian energy sector (perhaps the implication here is still a ban on investment in securities of Russian energy companies).
Negative Russian rouble added another statement by the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov about the fact that Venezuela still has to transfer to Russia the required payments on the debt. Recall that Venezuela is the country with $3.15 billion, but in 2017, Russia and Venezuela signed an agreement to restructure the debt. During the month, Venezuela has a chance to pay the tranche in the amount of approximately $100 million without penalty. But the currency market is an event of great optimism has not brought.
On Wednesday the price of Brent crude oil on ICE edged higher by 0.03%, to $of 69.25 per barrel. Data on commercial oil reserves in the United States differed greatly with market expectations. If the market was waiting for declining stocks on 425 thousand barrels, on the other hand, grew by 7.24 million barrels. The market was disappointed, and this morning the price of Brent crude is losing 0.22 percent.
When you open can see again multidirectional dynamics of the ruble against the different currencies. Leave unchanged the Outlook for the pair dollar/ruble at 65-65,8 RUB and EUR/RUB will be increased to 73-74 RUB.______________________
Natalia Milchakova,
Deputy Director of information-analytical center “Alpari”