The ruble is configured to drop

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On Tuesday the ruble said fourth day of decline in a row. The pair dollar/ruble gained 0.5%, touching the 3-week highs in the area of 62.86 RUB EUR/RUB remained almost unchanged and showed a restrained dynamics, despite the large-scale collapse of the single currency against the greenback.
Given the range of factors that impact now on the Russian currency and the scale of its reduction are rather modest.
In addition to the rising dollar, the ruble is feeling the negative atmosphere in the segment of risky assets. The flight from risk that began on the Italian grounds, and spread to global financial markets and pressure on vysokoporodnyh, including the ruble. Oil, meanwhile, is slowly but surely continues to become cheaper, and judging by the lack of a coherent recovery attempts is ready to exit from long positions.
In the morning the demand for defensive assets is still relevant – the political situation in Italy, which threatened another election this year, remains the center of attention. The dollar is kept in a high position, and Brent tries to grasp a mark of 75. All this implies a further weakening of the ruble, which may miss “American” to around 63 RUB. in the near future. If in the short term, the selloff in the financial markets transformirovalsya panic on fears of the European crisis, the situation of the Russian currency will worsen.
Igor Kovalyov,
InstaForex companies group