The ruble, Investors are reluctant to buy the dollar

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The Russian currency much start trading on Friday, increasing gains following the rate decision the Bank of Russia. However, the information on the resumption of foreign currency purchases from mid-January, in the framework of the implementation rules of the Ministry of Finance, outweighed – and the ruble quickly turned down.
On Friday the pair USDRUB added 52 penny, although Monday morning is already managed to fight off part of the losses: the pair decreased by 10 cents, to 66.66. EURRUB starts a new week, close to levels of closing of last: loses 3 pennies, trading at 75.44.
Monday morning the dollar is starting from a certain deviation, although on Friday he upgraded 19-month highs against a basket of 6 leading world currencies.
Players in the financial markets are not in a hurry to buy the dollar, suggesting a dramatic softening of rhetoric of the fed at the end of the December meeting, which ends Wednesday.
Until the U.S. currency in particular and world markets in General, may remain in limbo, limited to small fluctuations.
The same may apply, and the ruble, which seemed anchored in key currency pairs, ranging from small deviations around 66.5 to the dollar and 77.5 per Euro. The fed meeting will probably be able to raise the anchor, sending courses in free diving. And this case is still the prevailing trend in favor of strengthening the dollar and weakening currencies of developing countries. It is able to send 68 USDRUB and EURRUB to 77 at the end of the year.
It is theoretically possible that the fed can create the “new issue”, seriously lowering growth forecasts for the U.S. economy and reducing the number of predictive decisions. But still “soft tone” it will be very difficult to surprise the markets, which virtually eliminated the chances of policy tightening from the fed.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,