The ruble in the government of global risks

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On Friday, the ruble was trading near two-week lows, decreasing with an eye on the dynamics of the risky assets in General and their colleagues in the developing sector in particular. Washington continues to ratchet up pressure on China, which reduces the attractiveness of our currency, which is representative of the class of risky assets. Additional film brings the expectation of new sanctions against Russia from the United States.
The ruble remains under the influence of moods on global platforms, where the tone is set by the trade confrontation between America and China. While signs of the decline of tension is not observed, and hence the bearish risks including currencies of developing countries remains relevant.
The limiting factor are relatively high crude oil prices which resumed a downward local correction, but overall holding up well. However, this is not enough to reverse the global negative, flavored new sanctions against Moscow, which will affect the Russian oligarchs and officials close to Putin.
All of this will continue to impede the strengthening of our currency, the more dollar delivers strong growth across the entire spectrum of the market. Moreover, the pressure on the ruble on the part of this factor may increase if today’s statistics from the USA indicate a decent pace of employment growth and wages.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”