The ruble has successfully weathered the storm in the oil market

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Morning storm oil, the Russian ruble has experienced a relatively well — the dollar rose in the area of 65.50 RUB, but later retreated below. It is obvious that even raw materials will be a storm for some time, till it becomes completely translucent middle Eastern painting (in fairy tales we don’t believe) or not yet clarified the issue with trade negotiations between the US and China.
The rouble on this background is at risk, but “thin” market between the two blocks may holidays in Russia how to protect the national currency from excessive fluctuations and to condemn it to increased volatility.
In the list of external catalysts is now little that is admirable. Oil in the red, as already mentioned, the yuan weakened sharply after trump’s tweet (and why the ruble is not to aspire after, as any decent currency of a developing economy?), internal ideas are not, people also almost there. That can attract attention? Auction of the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday, for example, or any comment of China in the permanent American verbal threats to “tighten” the nuts in terms of import duties.
However, it is doubtful that, despite intraday fluctuations, the dollar will go now beyond the average “range” of, say, 64,85-65,75 RUB Until there is no special reason for this, if only in the world is not going to happen any frightening boom.
______________ Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,