The ruble has lost support buyers

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Now the market is a situation opposite to that which persisted throughout the previous week. Investors switched to buying defensive assets, as shown by the sharp strengthening of the us dollar against the Euro and the British pound. Rising gold prices, a strengthening Swiss franc and Japanese yen. Classic picture Risk-Off.
Under a wave of sales today hit all emerging market currencies, including Chinese yuan, Argentinean peso, Turkish Lira and South African Rand. The ruble is on the background of this is losing to the dollar is about 0.8%.
The technical picture on USD/RUB more than informative and beautiful. It formed a reversal from trendline on daily timeframe, and this zone coincides with nitrotoluenes range between the levels of 64.8-65. An additional signal gives the RSI indicator, which indicates the output of the currency pair from the oversold zone on the daily chart. At the closing today is above the level of 65,6 there is every chance the rest of the week to test 67,5-68.
Albert Katov,