The ruble has entered a period of uncertainty

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The ruble on Tuesday morning is trading without any sudden movements. However, the pressure on the Russian currency may have a negative foreign background: from London and Washington there are new accusations against Moscow.
Oil prices rebounded after the significant fall the previous day, caused by the publication of the review of the us energy information Administration (EIA): intelligence agencies believe that the production of “black gold” in the U.S. will grow to 11.17 million barrels per day by the fourth quarter. Investors awaited fresh data from the API and EIA weekly inventory of raw materials on the territory of States that will determine the future dynamics trading.
Meanwhile, the dollar strengthens in terms of reducing the risk of a trade war over tariff policy trump. Today will be published important statistics on inflation in the United States is able to exercise significant influence on its course.
Expected trading range for today is 56,30 – representing 57.30 RUB/USD.
Vladimir Zotov
Head of Directorate of financial markets
The Ural Bank for reconstruction and development