The ruble did not notice the drop in oil prices

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By the evening of Monday the Russian stock market was in a symbolic plus, after almost a whole day of sales. The external background today is empty: the US rest on the occasion of Columbus Day, news almost did not arrive. Social comments of the authorities of the market practically does not react, but this is his normal state.
Estimates of “Alpari-Broker”, index Mosberg konsolidiruyutsya to date, around 2450 points, which is well within the short corridor 2440-2465 points. In the field 2435/2440 items is interim resistance, and the attack “bears” on it will open the way to 2400 points. However, the market is not yet ready to proceed with the sale and clearly expects to hold around current levels.The RTS index, in turn, continued fluctuations in the range 1145-1185 points.
Active in the red today were shares of Rosneft, MMK, MTS – paper today is the first day traded without the dividend, Friday was the cutoff. Thus, the decline in the local, but quite pronounced. Promotions of “Russian grids”, the champion last week, after upgrading technically adjusted peaks in the area of 0.7500 in RUB
In ruble pairs, all is quiet. It is interesting that the ruble today is not played neither a morning dip in oil prices or intraday US dollar to rise on the world stage. Or in trading there are no non-resident, which amount is reduced, or ruble pair waiting for a certain kind of information for the movement. The dollar closed today’s trading within 66,60-of 67.00, the Euro, finishing around 76,45-77,00 RUB These ranges will be relevant for the first half of the day on Tuesday.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,