The ruble continues to give up the power of the dollar

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The ruble on Wednesday afternoon, August 28, returned to a weakening in a basket of currencies. Everything seems to be calm and oil in the “green” zone, the attitude of global investors to the risk is absolutely smooth. But the ruble is losing weight due to the completion of the tax period, and the overall cautious attitude of the market to buy at the moment.
Black gold that adds to the price, it will slide down, but above $60 per barrel of Brent silver might. Maybe that’s because of the lack of pronounced dynamics in the raw material oil and is not perceived as bearing, therefore, fluctuations in rouble-denominated raw material prices do not accounted for right now.
Pound falls, but the ruble is standard indifferent to what is happening in Albion. In Zhukovsky near Moscow is MAX-2019, quite a prestigious event, but too much hope in him makes no sense. The aerospace industry in Russia needs huge amount of money and steady orders, and now there is neither one nor the other. News flow is generally neutral, as usual at the end of the month and at the end of the summer.
USD will conclude the session environment within 66,60-66,85 RUB, there may be attempts to go beyond the ceiling of this corridor. The Euro rose above RUB of 74.00, and if at the end of the day he will be able to gain a foothold above, the new short-term goal of growth there will be boundary in 74,15.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,
“Information-analytical center “Alpari”