The ruble began to fall with the retreat, despite the growing oil

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Domestic ruble cheerfully retreats on the first trading day of September. The U.S. dollar in the second half of the session, gaining 0.7% and is 68,03 RUB the Euro rises in price by the same 0.7% and is trading around 78,92 RUB Courses of the Bank of Russia on Tuesday, September 4, reduced and are 67,74 RUB per U.S. dollar (-30 cents) and 78,63 rubles for Euro (86 cents).
The price of oil today in the middle of the day came in a noticeable plus. North sea sort of black gold rises in price by 0.6% and cost $78,08. Friday’s statistics on the number of drilling rigs in the United States from Baker Hughes reflected increase of 4 pieces, to a level of 1048 units. In annual comparison, the rig count increased by 105 units compared to September 1, 2017. Dynamics in the global view, therefore, remains positive, but the market responds to these statistics very selectively.
Inner intrigue of the ruble, the question remains, will the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on carrying out of auction on placement of OFZ in the coming Wednesday. The previous auction was not the best way, with the limit of 15 billion rubles, the issue 25083 is in the amount of 13.2 billion RUB As can be seen from the parameters, the Agency “tried” the soil after pitching the currency, and the test was unsuccessful. It will be no surprise if this week’s auctions will be minimal, 10-15 billion rubles, or canceled altogether.
The ruble closed the session Monday at within marks 67,65-68,15, the Euro – not far from RUB 79
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,