The ruble at the opening of trading fell, despite a positive oil market

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The ruble in early trading fell slightly, despite the positive effect from high oil prices and reduced political uncertainty in connection with the re-election of Vladimir Putin as President. Against the Russian currency plays a negative external background and the probability of reducing the difference between the rates of the Central Bank and the fed.
Quotations of “black gold” adjusted down today, but dialed Friday “margin of safety” allows the price of a barrel of Brent remain at a consistently higher level 65,75 USD. Investors pay attention to the situation in the middle East, as well as analysts ‘ forecasts, according to which increased supply can be offset by lower production in Venezuela.
The dollar received support from strong economic statistics. However, the market remains nervousness associated with the tariff policy of the American administration. An important event of the week will be the Federal reserve’s meeting under the leadership of new head Jerome Powell.
Expected trading range for today is 57,05 – RUB 58,05/USD.
Vladimir Zotov
Head of Directorate of financial markets
The Ural Bank for reconstruction and development