The ruble and oil prices continue to please investors

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the bas continues to strengthen on Tuesday afternoon. Dollar to date 65,77 RUB (-0,3%). Euro retreats symbolically and is 74,14 RUB the Bank of Russia has updated the foreign exchange rates for Wednesday, March 13, and they are 65,76 RUB/USD and RUB 74,06/EUR. In both cases, evaluation is reduced, 31 and 22 cents, respectively.
The oil continues to rise. The barrel of Brent goes up to the present time by 1% and costs $67,28, synchronously increasing in price and easiest WTI. The bulls help news on the fall of production of black gold in Venezuela to 2018 to at least 70 years (1.3 million barrels per day). It’s really a bit considering that a few years ago a day was extracted for at least 3 million barrels. It has taken the Venezuelan economy to the crisis “bottom.” Today will be published the latest data of the USA on stocks of oil and oil products, it can cause the commodity market to new movements.
Today it became known that in February 2019 non-residents acquired Russian OFZ volume of 46 billion rubles In this market is interested in long-term bonds and also that was rare. At the last auction of the Ministry of Finance of the foreign buyers bought OFZ 28.5 billion roubles is the highest since the fall of 2017 the volume. On the one hand, now, when the geopolitical factor smoothed, the demand for OFZ is quite understandable and clear. On the other – buyers could be more active if the Ministry of Finance showed the planned volume of placement was more open from the point of view of numbers.
The US dollar to close Tuesday in the hallway 65,65-66,10, the Euro and within for 74, 05-74,55 RUB.
_______________ Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,