The ruble and Gazprom: market favorites of recent days

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All more or less vigorous traders have managed to make a joke that the non-residents sell dollars and buy rubles to purchase securities of Gazprom, which promises dividends for the year 2018, twice the previous one. A joke is a joke, and the market rally continues, the ruble against this background, feels good.
Today is Wednesday, the Finance Ministry holds auction on placement of OFZ, where three of the bond issue. While data on the results of no sales, but, probably, the Ministry plans to attract no less then 100 billion. today the situation allows.
News flow has brought information about the comments of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who sees the attitude of Donald trump to restore relations with Russia. That’s good. However, it is important to remember that the States always play in a private game and he whose interests are not considered, if it is not their own. The ruble is still.
The U.S. dollar is slightly weaker, but this volatility “on emotions”, I don’t think it’s a long time. U.S. currency balances in the middle of the day about 64,76 rubles, the trading corridor for the near future is 64,50-RUB the Story of 66.00 to the dollar that he would taunted trump in his Twitter and it would not have tried a third world country to get rid of it in circulation to replace the dollar is nothing. Therefore its fluctuations can at times be frustrating, but unlikely to scare. In the Euro/ruble all is quiet, the short-term range remains in the range of 72-74 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at “Information-analytical center,