The ruble 2018 lost 20% of its value against the dollar

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The ruble at the end of the week – tomorrow will still be bidding, but they do not count – moves mixed in pairs with the dollar and the Euro, the activity in the ruble pairs is reduced. Grinbek caught on the level 69,43 RUB and decreases by 0.2%. Euro rises of 0.1% and is estimated at 79,69 RUB the Russian Central Bank has set for tomorrow, December 29, the following foreign exchange rates: 69,52 RUB per U.S. dollar and of 79.65 RUB for Euro. Both scores are increased by 127 and 65 cents, respectively. On Saturday, the regulator will determine the dollar and the Euro in the coming new year holidays and I think they will be higher than today.
The price of oil continues to sway from side to side. A barrel of North sea Brent crude falls to date, is 0.8% and is worth $52,48. Today the market is waiting for two news drivers: report of the energy reserves of raw materials and petroleum products for the week and data on the number of drilling rigs in the United States. It is obvious that the sector remains very volatile and will respond harshly to all without exception.
For 2018, the U.S. dollar rose against the ruble by more than 20% – is not devalued? Most likely, the beginning of 2019, she will continue, including by accelerating inflation. But we think about this in the new year.
The dollar closed the session Friday at borders 69,20-69,75, the Euro will end up trading in the range of 79,50-80,00 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,