The Ripple rate increased by 50% over the week

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The cryptocurrency market capitalization is $213 billion, the price of the leading cryptocurrency has changed as follows:
Bitcoin rose during the day, +0.29 percent to $6477. For the week, the growth was +1,06%;
Ethereum grew -0,16% to $214. For the week, the growth was +1,91%;
Ripple (XRP) fell -1,36% in the last 24 hours. But in a week the growth of the coins made 54,12%.
The value of Ripple has increased after the correction and retracement to the support level of 0,4280 fully after that we have identified in past reviews script. Almost a week ago, there was a sharp increase in the growth rate of XRP to 200%, which at the time took the place of Ethereum by market capitalization and was on the second line rating of Coinmarketcap. After massive growth Ripple by 70% within 24 hours pair XRP/USD slowed its pace as traders began to sell the token to make a profit.
However, waiting for the use of blockchain technology from Ripple banking agencies, provided further growth. But since the confirmation of the launch xRapid and evaluation of the real speed of its work takes time, the trading range for Ripple 0,4278-0,6600 remains relevant for the next month.
The market started to speculate rumors about the imminent rise of crypto-currencies on the background of the abolition of the ban on Google advertising any products the cryptocurrency industry. But the rising cost of cryptocurrency in October amid increasing loyalty to this area from Google’s side, in my opinion, is very limited.
First, advertise your services, only those companies that will receive a special certificate for a particular country in which to display their ads. The certification procedure will be available only from October until we can only guess about the level of complexity of its passage.
Secondly, the permissions are for ads on Google will be able to get the services and the exchange of cryptocurrency in the USA and Japan, which is not surprising, since regulators in these countries – the FSA in Japan SEC in US most actively engaged in “cleaning” of the industry, tightening rules of cryptocurrency exchanges and developing legislation, making the cryptocurrency sphere more civilized in terms of security and control.
The mechanism of the market is very complex and includes many factors. The consequences of the ban of advertising of crypto-currencies, even temporarily, is very serious, they have changed public attitudes to this area. What was previously perceived as a quick way of earning money, is now causing the feeling of insecurity among ordinary citizens, which, strictly speaking, is calculated. After all crypto-enthusiasts no advertising and had not stopped.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”