The reaction of the stock market incident in the Azov sea turned out to be insignificant

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The reaction of foreign markets to the incident in the Azov sea were minor, and the Russian stock market on Tuesday took up the correction of positions. Index Mosberg on reducing emotional risk premium returned to 2325 points and konsolidiruyutsya in the hallway 2320-2360 points. The same trading range will be relevant to the environment. The RTS index has recovered to 1095 points, but before returning to the comfortable framework of the medium-term range 1110-1135 points is still far.
The shares of “Aeroflot” there is still turbulence. Today, the paper is rapidly increasing in price and in General, has already reached the upper limit of the target range 90-115 RUB Likely that in the region 117 to 120 rbl. the market will decide on the local end are the paper stabilizes in the well-known bounds. Judging by the last two weeks of the action “Aeroflot” the market is now much more interesting banking, oil and gas leaders.
The ruble, everything is calm. Oil is also corrected, tomorrow’s scheduled auction of the Ministry of Finance on placement of OFZ tax period as usual. In such conditions, the Russian currency has recovered part of the lost yesterday, but a certain percentage of investors still sees external risks and therefore in no hurry to sell the dollar. The us currency closes Tuesday around 66,90 RUB, session environment will be conducted within 66,50-67,35 RUB Eurocurrency try to gain a foothold in the framework 75.50-75,95 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,