The rating of the important factors determining the exchange rates of cryptocurrencies

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1st place. Bitcoin continues to moderately decline
On the morning of 14 January, the bitcoin continues to show a moderate downward trend, dropping below $3600. Approaching the $3200 increase the pressure of bears, and General pessimism in the market. All altcoins has also been found in the red zone. Market capitalization of crypto market dipped below $120 billion.
2nd place. New theft with crypto exchanges
It became known that the attack by 51% (when in the hands of hackers is “a majority of” network capacity) of the exchange was abducted 40,000 coins Ethereum Classic. Vulnerability to hacker attacks is still considered one of the strongest negative factors for the development of the crypto market.
The 3rd place. Japanese regulator the FSA: again failure
A news outlet reported on the approval by the Japanese regulator to launch ETF-based cryptocurrency. Soon, however, the representatives of the regulator denied the report, reiterating a negative attitude to the probability of the launch, explaining its extremely speculative nature of the cryptocurrency. The negative side of the regulators around the world is considered to be one of the major reasons of General weakness in the crypto market.
4th place. Hardwork Ethereum and hope for the growth of the coin
In the near future it is expected the upgrade of the network and the experts hope the growth rates of the main Aldona. In General, the most positive assessment is often associated with Ethereum, by the famous team of developers and pragmatic approach to the development of the crypto sector.
5th place. Bakkt, SEC and Bitcoin ETF
“Hodler” and the bulls are looking forward to launching new products for institutional investors and follow the decisions of the SEC on the application VanEck on the launch of a Bitcoin ETF. Potentially, these events can cause an increase in the crypto market, however, if expectations are not met, will move over new wave of pessimism and gain positions.
The 6th place. Geopolitics in support of cryptocurrencies
The situation on the global market, trade war, protectionism, populism and the fight against offshore companies have a high capacity to support cryptocurrencies in the long term. A new financial crisis might lead to higher interest in digital assets, as it was 10 years ago, after frustration with traditional banking system, which led to the creation of bitcoin.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,