The rate of bitcoin will rise to a record in January, titled the reason

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today is slightly reduced, which is caused by a technical stop after strong growth of more than 20% over the past three days.
At the time of this writing, the Bitcoin price fell by 0.95% and is close to a level of 4098 of United States dollars. In our opinion, the current stop of a digital asset will not last long and after a day or two of growth to resume.
Most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten today are moving in different directions.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash soared to 13% and reached the mark 221 of the dollar, the price of Ripple sank 1.03%, and decreased in district 0.3767 dollars, the cost of Ethereum grew by 0.9% and reached 117 dollars, and Gold Bitcoin exchange rate has strengthened by 8.92% and for one coin on the exchanges offer 16.71 USD.
Market capitalization of cryptocurrency at the moment has not changed significantly, and is located at 123 709 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar continues to show strong support for BTC from buyers. Technically, a correction in the stock market after such a strong growth has matured, and now we are seeing a partial locking position.
Курс биткоина рекордно вырастет в январе, названа причина
However, the General mood among investors remains positive, especially because the month of January should finally bring relief in the matter of trading bitcoin futures and bitcoin attract new investors.
Moving average finally came close to the fast and slow lines of the Ichimoku indicator, ready to cross it from the bottom up that will be one confirming the current reversal signal.

The exchange rate of bitcoin is waiting for the launch of bitcoin futures

According to the Wall Street Journal, there are very few time until when the investors are able to trade bitcoin futures on Bakkt.
The exchange actively negotiates with regulator CFTC USA to bring the trade data tool in accordance with the regulations.
The main issues that are now on the agenda is the ability to store bitcoins on the exchange, ensuring the cyber security of the exchange and the issue of financial compensation to customers in case of hacking.
It is expected that in case of approval launch bitcoin futures Bakkt, the U.S. regulator will provide an opportunity for cryptomount to give their suggestions within 30 days.
We will remind that earlier the exchange rate of bitcoin have fallen sharply after the CFTC postponed the date of the decision on this issue from 12 Dec to 24 Jan 2019.
Experts say that if this event happens, it will be the turning point in the protracted stagnation of the development of the stock market and BTC in particular.
Famous cryptocurrency expert Alex Kruger is confident that the launch of pitocin-ETFs will lead to a sharp increase in the cost of the most popular cryptocurrency in the first quarter of 2019.
But do not forget that another postponement of the launch of the tool greatly disappoint participants cripture, and the price of a digital asset can show a new historical lows.
In the current situation, we recommend you to stay in the purchases of those who opened a position on bitcoin from the level of $ 3,200.
Курс биткоина рекордно вырастет в январе, названа причина
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™