The rate of bitcoin will rise to $ 98000, new experts

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin continues to climb, and today during the day reached the level of 7 300$. Buyers reappeared and pushed the most popular cryptocurrency to around $ 8,000.
Dynamics of Bitcoin remains positive, and the price is above the moving average, which is a good signal for further growth.
Experts say the influx of new investors and returning players after the summer holidays, which confirms the increase in the market capitalization of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Other cryptocurrencies are rising today as well.So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash increased by 2.40% and is at level 643.73$ 105 capitalization of 11 billion dollars. The Ripple rate has appreciated by 0.98% and reached $ 0.3378$ in market capitalization 13 387 billion. Price Ethereum stronger on 0.27% and reached 289.75$ in market capitalization 29 439 billion.
18:10 GMT., main trading platforms display these values of the rate BTC/USD:
Bitstamp – $ 373 7 (+1.57%)
Bitfinex – $ 7 370 (+1.43%)
Coinbase – $ 7 375 (+1.47%)
The market capitalization of Bitcoin at the moment is $127 128 billion Total capitalization of the stock market 223 539 billion.

The rate of bitcoin will rise to $ 98000 in five years

This is stated in a joint analytical study of the Satis Group and the First Coin Offering.
The report, compiled by the Sherwin Doulton and Michael Haddom, consists of five parts covering kriptonyte.
The analysis, based on historical data allows to make the assumption that the exchange rate of bitcoin in the next five years could reach $ 9800 dollars.
The Bitcoin Cash will drop to $ 268, after the popularity of the brand is not confirmed, though some technical advantages for operators using digital currency.
The researchers note that most affected those of cryptocurrencies that are centralized, such as Ripple. The report also notes that the capitalization of bitcoin and other digital assets in the next five years will grow from $ 500 billion to 3.6 trillion. dollars by 2028. And the main support for the cryptocurrency market in the next ten years will have offshore capital, not institutional investors.
The same report suggests that one of the main indicators for the development of the cryptocurrency market, the growth rate of bitcoin and other assets, there is a variety of options for the use of storage values.
That is, raising capital is not the main thing that will influence the development of the stock market, there are different ways to store and use digital assets is much more important.
It is fair to say that the issue of hacking of stores bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, really has a strong influence on the market of digital coins, and this problem came out today.
Often reports of abduction of large amounts cause market fluctuations much stronger than the fundamental news.
Apparently, this trend will continue, and investors in bitcoin and other assets need to rely on the security before you decide to invest in digital assets.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина вырастет до 98000 долларов, новый прогноз экспертов
The growth of cryptocurrencies continues, and despite the fact that it is hardly certain, the dynamics remains positive for the second week.
In the near future the price will come close to the level of 7 500$ where you can turn the main struggle of buyers and sellers.
Positive scenario
In the case that the preponderance of forces is on the side of the bulls and the rate of bitcoin will overcome this level, the price will easily reach the next psychological mark of $ 8,000.
In order that the movement continued need for additional incentives, so as an indication that the sellers of the new psychological level, will point to the future growth of bitcoin already to $ 10,000.
The negative scenario
The exchange rate of bitcoin met resistance at around $ 7,500, turn down.
In this case, the trading range for “coins” will be in the framework 7500-7000 dollars. Additional support, which is a moving average remains below the price and its breakdown sellers will require enough effort. In the coming days, we consider the increase in value of bitcoin as the most likely scenario and expect that by the end of the trading week quotes will test the new level.
Курс биткоина вырастет до 98000 долларов, новый прогноз экспертов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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