The rate of bitcoin will rise sharply after halving

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin continues to slowly slide down against the wishes of buyers to stay near a key level.
At the time of this writing the Bitcoin price has appreciated in the range of 0.62%, and the cost of the most popular cryptocurrency is 9590.97 dollars per BTC.
The remaining tokens from the top ten just trying to get an advantage. So in the first half of the day Bitcoin Cash decreased by 0.26% and 309 dollars, the price of Ripple fell to 0.32%, and for one coin offered 0.310 dollars, the cost of Ethereum added 0.32%, while the rate of Bitcoin Gold strengthened the position of 0.27%, and for one coin on cryptomeria offer 19.44 dollar.
The total capitalization of the stock market this morning is at level 248 911 dollars.
Chart bitcoin/dollar remains unchanged and points to the unsuccessful attempts of the pair to resume growth.
The 10,000 dollars was for buyers too complicated in terms of pure market, so little spurts of optimism are unable to affect their activity.
Курс биткоина резко вырастет после халвинга

When the rate of bitcoin will rise?

According to experts, the future halving could trigger a new wave and the growth rate of a digital asset. Currently, many traders will stay out of the market, waiting for increase in fee for mining bitcoin, using it as a tool for accumulation.
According to many, with the approach of halving, market sales will be reduced because everyone will be looking to increase profits after it.
On the other hand, the situation can change dramatically after this event. When some of the speculators will begin to actively sell bitcoins on the highs, causing a strong pullback.
Technically, the Bitcoin price is unlikely to challenge its historic low, but the decline to the level of $ 8,000 is realistic.
We will remind that earlier a similar situation was already observed whenever the price of the cryptocurrency has become more profitable than its production, the BTC holders have begun to sell the tokens.
Курс биткоина резко вырастет после халвинга
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group