The rate of bitcoin will remain under pressure until the decision of the SEC for a bitcoin ETF

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today went up a little, and shows little growth, within 0.1%.
Currently, the stock market for one coin offered a little more than 6 $ 300, but the activity of buyers was reduced following sudden fall in the price of Bitcoin to the next minima.
The situation on the market of digital assets fragmented and courses most popular tokens show multidirectional dynamics.
Meanwhile, the loss of the bitcoin market from the beginning of the year amounted to more than 60%, while the capitalization of most popular cryptocurrencies remains at the level of 110 billion dollars.
At 13.20 GMT., Bitcoin Cash fell by 0.67% and is at the 489.23 $, the rate of Ethereum to the present moment is losing 0.17% and dropped in district 204$, and the Ripple decreased to 0.1% is 0.320$.

The exchange rate of bitcoin, waiting in vain for relief control crypto

Barely a year has passed since officials of various countries and regulators drew attention to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, until now the uncertainty in the legal field makes the authorities of different countries to increase pressure on cryptonote.
It seemed during this time, all of the disadvantages associated with cryptocurrencies has been identified and it remains only to eliminate them. But many countries continue to strengthen supervision, and not daring to legalize bitcoin and the market in General.
So British officials in the progress report published recently, called on the authorities to further control and regulate the cryptocurrency.
Recognizing that bitcoin and digital assets are not tangible assets, they are concerned about the manipulation and rate the risks faced by investors, while continuing to work on the stock market.
However, it is noted that this issue is urgent and requires a lot of rights controller for monitoring the ICO and cryptoolinux operations.
The report says in part:
“But to attract attention, the FCA is not able to protect investors from fraud and loss of funds. This is due to the fact that the majority of ICO do not guarantee a financial profit, and only give access to the service or talking about a business that doesn’t exist. It is difficult to control and allows fraudsters to use this vulnerability in the law”
As British lawmakers pay attention to the vulnerability of the exchange rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies of manipulation and unreasonable fluctuations in the markets caused by speculators.
This in turn has both a positive way, allowing you to profit and high risk of losing everything.
“The use of bitcoin as means of payment, and the network as a single financial system increases the risk, as the exchange rate can change significantly over short periods of time, including the transaction”
In conclusion, it is stated that before the UK government decides to support kriptonyte necessary to enhance the regulation that will have a positive impact on the cryptocurrency market and will be able to limit the risk of loss of assets of investors and participants of the stock market.

Bitcoin exchange rate today

Курс биткоина останется под давлением до решения SEC по биткоин-ETF
The price of bitcoin has exhausted all potential buyers, largely caused by attempts to recoup after a heavy fall.
In the course of the day, bitcoin exchange rate will resume its drop through to the important psychological level of $ 6,000.
After an unsuccessful attempt to gain a foothold above the moving average held at around 6 $ 300, sellers can get their revenge and most likely will lower the price even lower.
The situation on the market is extremely negative, and given the approach of September 30, investor activity may decline.
We recommend to open long positions on bitcoin and stay out of the market, as now there is no reason that the digital asset has not continued to fall in price.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™