The rate of bitcoin will reach $ 7,000 by the end of 2018

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Volatility returns to the cryptocurrency market. In the beginning of last week the bitcoin exchange rate increased by 5%, in the moment it rose to $6590. But to stay on this level did not work – Thursday-Friday all growth was distraught amid calls for the South Korean government to introduce regulation of the market of cryptocurrencies and accusations by the securities Commission of USA (SEC) the founder of the cryptocurrency exchanges EtherDelta Zachary will Koberno.
Bitcoin price finishes week at $6420. The coming week promises to him further growth. According to estimates Alpari, the next goal is the level of $6500. Until the end of the year it’s possible mini-rally in the neighborhood of $7000. As a support is the level of $6350.
On the cryptocurrency market is now in the spotlight is Bitcoin Cash. A number of cryptoexpert considers it “the real bitcoin”, as it retains the qualities that have laid the bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. But among fans of Bitcoin Cash is no unity. Thus, on 15 November there will be hardfor this cryptocurrency, which she will split into two coins.
Traditionally, before hardforum rate for a specific cryptocurrency grows: since the beginning of November, Bitcoin Cash went up by 50%, last week its price reached $633, but after a little sunk. In the beginning of next week he can return to growth, but traditionally after a hard forks after 15 November, it is waiting for the inevitable pullback.
Roman Tkachuk,
Senior analyst,