The rate of bitcoin will reach $10,000 in a few days

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The bitcoin exchange rate on the day set a new record, breaking the mark of $ 8,000 U.S. currently 2.51%.
According to experts, this behavior most popular cryptocurrencies similar to the situation in 2017 when a large influx of investors were able to raise the bitcoin price to a record $ 20,000.
Recall that in just 14 days may popular digital asset gained more than 35% of the original cost, apparently, in the short term, buying will intensify.
The same experts note that in February the price of bitcoin reached its lowest level $ 3,500 and many market participants at that time were actively selling their bitcoins to close the transaction as soon as possible.
However, after global regulators have ceased to put pressure on the market and cryptosphere, investors gradually began to return to trading.
Today, according to experts appeared on the market of institutional investors which are contrary to the possible risks of continuing to invest, thereby stimulating the cryptocurrency market to new records.
It is characteristic that in addition to bitcoin exchange rate a sharp increase in test and other popular cryptocurrencies. So the price of Ripple at the end of the day rose to a record 19.08%, and the cost Ethereum has added 5.2%.
So there is strong growth in the market capitalization of BTC that with the recent $ 125 billion increased by 10 billion in just two days.
We will remind that earlier it became known that the social network Facebook is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency which will be used to pay for the actions of users, in particular for transitions.
Курс биткоина достигнет отметки $10 000 через несколько дней
In the near future, we expect that the rate of bitcoin will be heading to an important key level of $ 10,000, which as in 2017, could be a turning point in the continued global growth of digital asset.
Курс биткоина достигнет отметки $10 000 через несколько дней
Elena Sverdlova,
Senior analyst,
Stock Markets Group