The rate of bitcoin will not increase before October 1, an expert forecast

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Wednesday, September 26, trades in bitcoin ended in positive territory (+$20) inside the range of Tuesday (25 September). We are seeing a bullish correction in the market after a four-day fall from $6840. At auction in Europe after a five-hour flat buyers were able to gain a foothold above its horizontal resistance level of $6480. Growth stalled at $6538.
In the U.S. session the buyers pushed the price up to $6558, where it fell to $6429. The strengthening of the exchange rate of bitcoin was due to a sharp increase in the violas – BCH and XRP. The Bitcoin Cash bitcoin rose to 25%, Ripple – by 19%.
Two days Ripple was restored by 44%. The coin has started to gain momentum on news that Coinbase Custody considering new assets for inclusion in the listing, among whom was Ripple. Interestingly, assets are added to Coinbase Custody for storage of coins and not to trade on Coinbase. None of the subtleties are not understood. Said Coinbase will consider Ripple, immediately began pumpit.
Courses BCH and XRP corrected from their highs. Behind them rolled the bitcoin to $6429. On Bitfinex bitcoin worth $6483. Nothing new, I won’t tell You: news pampet violas, through them, the more expensive bitcoin.
On the daily and four-hour periods, the technical picture still points to a weakening of the value of bitcoin. The only thing I will note, the price is likely to Oct remain above $6000. A reduction in the rate to $6000-6150 can start to pick up coins.
Time period: course found a fulcrum at the 50% level from upward movement with $6326 to $6558. Stochastic turned upwards. For the next 5 hours expect price consolidation in the range of $6430-6520. If you recover the $6500 will resist, this time is expected to break through $6400 with a target of $6370. Growth requires the breakdown of $6650. Keep an eye on the violas, because their growth will have a positive impact on bitcoin.
Курс биткоина не вырастет до 1 октября, прогноз эксперта
Still think that the pair BTC/USD will not rise until 1 October.
Vladislav Antonov,