The rate of bitcoin will not fall for a long time

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The main cryptocurrency on Friday has stabilized, the market has entered a consolidation phase after a sharp jump up when bitcoin went up above the psychological mark of 5 thousand dollars.
The exchange rate of bitcoin, according Libertex, at 10.30 am for a day has decreased on 0,71% – to $ 4940 in the capitalization of 87.5 billion. Ethereum by this time increased in price on 1,48% – to 162,4 dollar with a capitalization of 17.2 billion dollars.
XRP has risen above the rest and added a day of 5.56%, rising to 0.36 per dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 15.1 billion dollars. Positive news for this cryptocurrency was the message that users of Gmail will now be able to send XRP tokens directly in the letters. In addition, ETP for XRP and Litecoin running on the branch of the Stuttgart stock exchange in Sweden. The rate of Litecoin per day is appreciated by 1.5% – up to 86.8 per dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 5.3 billion dollars.
The total capitalization of the stock market reached the level of .173, $ 7 billion.
Important news for the market of digital currencies was the news that the South Korean authorities intend to revise the existing legal regulation of cryptocurrency with the aim to make the industry more transparent and contribute to its growth. In addition, more than 100 companies, including SWIFT, Ripple and IBM, created the Association to advance blockchain technology in the European Union.
According to financial scouts following a consolidation phase, the stock market may once again a few to grow. If the scenario is positive developments, the bitcoin can rise to 5100$, Ethereum – 170 dollars, XRP – to 0.38 dollar and Litecoin – to $ 88.
Denis Povtoreiko,
Financial scout,
Forex Club