The rate of bitcoin will fall because of the indifference of investors

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The main cryptocurrency on Friday commit inactive declines of some loss of investor interest in investing in these instruments.
According Libertex, bitcoin exchange rate to 12.00 per day decreased in price by 1.82% – 8124 dollars in capitalization in 138,4 billion. The rate of Litecoin has declined by 3.77% to $ 132,6 capitalization at $ 7.5 billion. The Ripple rate fell by 2.9% to 0.67 at dollar capitalization to 26.3 billion dollars. Ethereum has dropped in price by 12.00 2.1% to the dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 67.7 billion. The total market capitalization is around 370 billion dollars.
However, the market ignored the good news that the largest Bank of Japan – Bank subsidiary of MUFG, will launch their own cryptocurrency. Testing of the new coins Coin MUFG will take place in several regions of the country, participation in it can take up to 100 thousand customers.
In the future days, we can expect that cryptocurrency will continue to decline sluggishly, perhaps it will continue until the appearance of any significant market news. Bitcoin can fall to around $ 8,000, the rate of the Ripple can be lowered to the level of 0.65 dollar, Litecoin may come to отметке130 dollars, and Ethereum can stoop to the level of $ 670.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club