The rate of bitcoin will drop to $1260 and cryptocurrency worthless

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Analysts at JP Morgan have predicted the fall of Bitcoin exchange rate to $1260. Bank experts are sure that at the moment, cryptocurrencies have no meaning and will be used only in the case if investors lose faith in the basic reserve assets such as gold and the dollar.
The expectation of falling prices of bitcoin are well founded. This may be caused by the desire of large players to enter the market as low as possible.
The nearest from the current price level, which in February could drop bitcoin, and where he can start to gain volume, it is the price to 2800.
The mark was the extreme boundary, separates the main participants from all the others.
Such developments should give industry the opportunity to start this year in full force, to attract new participants and investors and due to the growth of bitcoin over the first half of the year to pay off all the creditors.
Until the summer we can expect growth in the value of cryptocurrency to 6000, a starting point for the beginning of growth it is necessary to consider the Feb.
Aleksandr Ageev
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