The rate of bitcoin will continue to fall to around $ 6000

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today September 7 remains under the pressure of recent messages and uncertainty from the global regulators.
Every time the Bitcoin price is experiencing more and more problems when restoring, after another strong sales, as investors disappointed in crypto and are tired of the lack of clear signals of kriptonyte integration into the global financial system.
At 11:50 a.m., courses most altcoins are unable to cope with the negativity and show a drop.
So Bitcoin is Cash down to 516.73$, losing 0.52%, the rate of Ethereum to the current time rubbed Yal already 0.57% dropping to drop 228.23$, Ripple dipped to 2.38% and is located near the 0.2944$. The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is located at 191 285 billion.
Recent events only confirm the fears of experts that the financial institutions lose interest in bitcoin, and investors are more cautious in choosing the main asset as a “safe Harbor”
The exchange rate of bitcoin have fully completed the growth momentum initiated in the beginning of August, and is aimed at reducing much deeper level, $ 6,000. In the current situation, the buyers were never able to consolidate efforts, many players fleeing, simply sold the purchased currency.
It is characteristic that most of all this time suffered Ethereum, and Bitcoin is not that the experts associated with the early sale of an asset after a series of successfully conducted by ICO.

The exchange rate of bitcoin collapsed for several reasons

First we announced earlier, and she touched the spot develop their own platform for trading cryptocurrencies, the Bank Goldman Sachs.
Another major factor that appeared today in the network, was the message of one Reddit user on the move for a few kryptomere bitcoins totaling about $ 844 million.
As you know, a similar movement of cryptocurrencies always cause suspicion among market participants. So this time, investors apparently scared a large sale of bitcoins that could shift the balance of power in the cryptocurrency market towards sellers.
Residual effect from disappointment with the decision of the SEC to postpone the launch a bitcoin ETF were also present on the market of digital assets, and with the approach specified by the regulator date of 30 September, the nervousness among the bidders will only increase. However already today it is possible to note a sharp decline in optimism in this matter, since nothing will prevent the regulator to postpone the discussion indefinitely.

Chart bitcoin dollar

Курс биткоина продолжит падение к отметке 6000 долларов
On the chart BTC today shows that there are practically no buyers, and the price of bitcoin needs to close the shadow of a candle the previous trading day.
Technically we expect that the first support quotes will get around 6 300$, but it is under current conditions are unlikely to stem the tide of sellers, resulting in a psychological level of 6000$ will again play the role of a last frontier.
The most likely scenario for the weekend is a further fall in the exchange rate of bitcoin, and moderate sales on the cryptocurrency market as a whole.
Курс биткоина продолжит падение к отметке 6000 долларов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™