The rate of bitcoin will continue to fall below $ 9 000$

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The second day of the crucial cryptocephalinae Consensus 2018 in new York. What bitcoin? It continues to fall.
The second day of the main event in the world of digital currencies conference in new York 2018 Consensus came to an end, and growth the main cryptocurrencies – bitcoin and not visible. Bears firmly shut his trap on the 9000 and now, continuing his meal, pushing the bulls to the next local level of resistance in the area 7850-7950. Most likely, this level will not stand, and then we will have to wait for a sharp passage at around 7000 to at least the beginning of April, where I conceive the torrid, short-lived local growth of the main cryptocurrency.
And then, after this mark will be successfully completed, and the bulls will again be in the paddock lows of this year between six and seven thousand and will begin the biggest bear party. The main dishes to the distribution will, of course, succulent beef steaks with blood for six thousand, but in the “Grand final” will take home the delicacy, bull testicles on 5500-4800.
And what about such important and desirable for the bulls with a mark of 10 000? Two words in response. It is not.
Younger brother live picture, respectively, are similar. Large bears here and caught these small and fragile young bulls, slamming his trap on the facade, and also with great pleasure will begin its blood meal beginning at six hundred – in the near future, and then will continue it for five hundred – with a slight delay, and after and in all of the four hundred – those lows this year. And it is only in the run-up to the main distribution. Along with it, with takeaway main dishes with the orchestra of bullish and bearish clatter wild dances we are waiting for dessert at three hundred and the very sweet icing on the cake for two to a climax and a General bearish “the Grand finale”.
Major events news feeds in addition to the Consensus 2018, we can distinguish the statements of the head of FedEx that you want to apply blockchain technology, or you will be destroyed, and that James Patchett – the head of new York Development Corporation set out to make new York blockchain hub. While the news has not had any influence on the current situation, in General, bear market.
Dmitry Muradov
Chief investment strategist,