The rate of bitcoin will achieve a new record, the expert described the reasons for

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate after the rapid growth caused by the SEC’s statements about the possible launch of a bitcoin ETF in the future, I could not resist and handed over the position.
The price of Bitcoin at the time of writing was down 0.64% and is at around $ 3586.
Most of the cryptocurrency in the top ten are also cheaper and show a negative trend. So Bitcoin is Cash falls to 1.14% and is within $ 120, the price of Ripple has decreased by 0.77% and reached $ 0.299 $ value Ethereum fell by 0.65% and reached $ 119.96, and the rate Bitcoin Gold was lower by 0.79% for one coin on cryptomeria offer of $ 10.16.
The total capitalization of the stock market at the moment is 110 434 billion.
Rate graph bitcoin dollar rebounded from support and a few days earlier gave a signal to the turn of the cryptocurrency up. However, currently, players have too little reason for further development of the upward movement.
Курс биткоина поставит новый рекорд, эксперт назвал причины
Currently BTC price is above the moving average in an attempt to push towards its first target of 3 800$. This level is now strong resistance, as there passes the bottom border of Ishimoku cloud.
In the near future we expect the cost of Bitcoin will test the specified level and higher are fixed. Technically, the market situation is favourable to customers has resumed activity and has pushed popular cryptocurrency in the region of 4 000 dollars.

Bitcoins could see new records very soon

Founder, Financial Engines, Edelman Rick Edelman believes that in the end exchange traded Fund BTC will appear on the market and it is only a matter of time. The expert is almost sure that it will happen.
“Currently, the SEC has several unresolved problems associated with cryptomnesia, and I am sure that they will be resolved very soon. In the end we will see a bitcoin ETF, and then it will be much easier to recommend investments on the stock market”
Recall that today this event expect a lot of members of the cryptocurrency market, as well as those who have not yet made contact with him in hopes of starting trade with the new tool.
Also, optimists are associated with the appearance of derivatives of the popular digital asset with the sharp growth of exchange rate of bitcoin, and at this time expect to get the maximum profit.
The percentage of presence of cryptocurrency in the investment portfolio has decreased significantly over the past year, compared with the traditional financial instruments. However, with the advent of the ETF, the situation can change dramatically.
Edelman noted that applies to bitcoin as well as, for example, gold and oil, which are the financial tools for global use. They can join with BTC, if the SEC will decide on this important step.
We will remind that earlier the General Director of ICE Jeff Sprecher shared information about how his team continues to work diligently to launch cryptocurrency platform Bakkt and expressed confidence in the future of bitcoin. According to experts trading platform will start its work to customers in late 2019.
Курс биткоина поставит новый рекорд, эксперт назвал причины
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™