The rate of bitcoin has soared almost 3% adding 250 points

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today July 4th the final of the day the growth.
After a quiet trading day the price of Bitcoin soared upwards at 16:07 GMT., and in just 15 minutes with 6 $ 550 reached almost 6,800 dollars for one coin.
The last time the bitcoin price was at this level on June 19, and shortly thereafter continued to fall, after which most popular cryptocurrency went below the district minimum level of $ 6,000.
The cryptocurrency market is slowly coming back buyers using the summer lull to their advantage. Earlier, just a week ago, experts warned about the possible resignation of the cryptocurrency below the psychological mark, which happened on June 28. However, after the bitcoin exchange rate has tested the local minimum 5 $ 800, the price turned back up.
Most likely, this was due to the large number of speculators and traders who waited for the breakout of the last support line to open positions and start buying bitcoin.
However, analysts believe that another leap of a digital asset does not mean the beginning of global growth.
Graph of bitcoin exchange rate points to existing intermediate resistance, where the “slow line” of the Ichimoku indicator that does not negate the risk of a further drop coins below.

Chart bitcoin dollar today

Курс биткоина взлетел почти на 3% прибавляя 250 пунктов
Courses cryptocurrency in the top ten as well add to the cost, although this afternoon did not show strong growth.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash soared 1.76%, increasing capitalization to 13 273 billion, the rate of Ripple boosted by 2.22%, and the capitalization of bitcoin has increased to 19 410 billion, Ethereum adds 2.46% in the growth of capitalization to 47 658 billion.
Capitalization of bitcoin at the moment is 114 497 billion, and the cryptocurrency market has grown to 235 579 billion.
Since its rapid growth, the rate of bitcoin has lost almost 70% value, however, the asset continues to be in demand by private and large investors.
Many experts expect that most of the players are now on the market will not allow the asset to fall below the psychological mark, as it is not profitable nor those mines cryptocurrency, nor to those who actively sells it, making operation on cryptomeria.
Cryptologist in the expectation that by the autumn the auction will begin to get large institutional investors, and it will allow the price of bitcoin to feel more confident during periods of negative external background.
We will remind that earlier one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase launched the Coinbase innovative product Custody, aimed at attracting serious players in the market, and has recorded the receipt of the first Deposit to the account.
We expect that today’s surge of optimism for the cryptocurrency market will continue, and buyers will try to push the bitcoin exchange rate above and to consolidate around $ 7,000.
Курс биткоина взлетел почти на 3% прибавляя 250 пунктов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™