The rate of bitcoin has found a stable level near $ 9,000

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After high volatility in the past year, in recent months, the bitcoin exchange rate stabilized in the range of $8000-$11000. In February-March, the oscillation amplitude decreased – at the moment bitcoin has found a stable level at around $9000. The stabilization of the cryptocurrency market can last for several months, but then still the inevitable release of “sideways” with a sudden jerk up or down. Where will the bitcoin up or down will largely depend on the position of the world’s authorities in relation to cryptocurrencies.
Since the end of last year, we watched as the regulators of China and the United States “tighten the screws” in the field of kriptologii. Their example was followed by other countries. In particular, recall the U.S. stock exchanges was introduced, the verification of all users, after which investors began to prefer Asian crypto currency exchange. Because of the anonymity and decentralization is impossible to fully drive tryptomer in a rigid adjustable frame. The authorities have a choice: either to follow the path of tighter regulation, or to head that it is impossible to win. Exactly how will be put the comma in the sentence, “Forbid not allow”, will depend on the dynamics of bitcoin this year.
Another problem of bitcoin is scalability. At the end of last year because of this increased time and cost of transactions using bitcoin. If the bitcoin community will solve this problem, it will be a positive for bitcoin exchange rate.
It is a possible scenario that the world will come up with a new digital currency that will solve all the problems of its predecessors and takes a place under the sun among cryptocurrencies. It will try to wipe cryptocurrency Gram, which is associated with the personality of Pavel Durov. It is planned that Gram will be given a guarantee of payment and solved the problem of lack of space to store all the records. If this is implemented, the system can process a million transactions a second, and the fee will be low – a real breakthrough in the financial world. ICO Gram planned for the coming months.
About the prospects of bitcoin, we spoke about all the famous investors, including Warren Buffett and George Soros, as well as global investment companies, including JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs. Basically, the classic attitude of investors to cryptocurrency careful – many people call the stock market bubble and wait for his fall. Bitcoin and the prospects of the blockchain technology believe, mainly a new wave of young investors. The number of medium and large investors in bitcoin is only a few million. In the future, a “pool” of investors in bitcoin needs to grow (and with it the bitcoin’s price), but so far this jump has not occurred. It is possible in a few years bitcoin will change your status in the eyes of the people – it is not an asset (means of investment), and means of payment.
Roman Tkachuk,
Senior analyst,