The price of oil: Experts expect to break the level of$ 80 per barrel

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This week we will see the overcoming of a mark in 80 dollars for barrel and take the next plank in the global and domestic news agenda. Corridor in 80-82 dollar becomes the forecast by Friday. Now quotes are already 79,35 dollar, but key events have not yet occurred.
At the weekend the cost of oil has helped the news from Venezuela when he was re-elected the current President Maduro, that really upset US and, coupled with the Iranian deal pushed the quotes up.
The number of production platforms in shale deposits has not increased, but Washington remains the first oil production in the world. This point remains a limiting factor for lower prices, but it is clearly insufficient for a full correction. As for upcoming news, it is worth noting the meeting of energy Ministers from Russia and Saudi Arabia. Will continue to limit production and maintaining the current level of oil prices, to prevent competitors from USA a big advantage.
The EU remains a hostage situation and forced to limit direct shipments of resources from countries under sanctions, so it is possible “surrender” of Iran and Venezuela will lead to further growth in oil prices, starting this week. In this case, it forecast $ 100 a barrel no longer seems too far-fetched to see some analysts in may-June.
Nikolay Shiryaev
“International financial center”