The price of oil and US policy are closely interrelated

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The Russian stock market, sensitive to the situation around the Middle East and the oil market. The price of Brent crude has corrected by more than 1% after Washington has said it could abandon sanctions against oil exports in Iran in the next month, and, as they say, Saudi Arabia to replace any potential shortages from Iran. US official said Friday that the country may consider exceptions for countries that have already demonstrated efforts to reduce imports of Iranian oil.
In a sign that oil exports from Iran will not fall in November, next month, India will buy 9 million barrels of Iranian oil. Hedge funds reduced their bullish wagers on U.S. crude oil dropped last week to the lowest level in almost a year. In this case we can before the end of the week to watch the profit taking on some stocks oil and gas sector. Will the Board of Directors of the companies “Gazprom Neft” and “Transneft”.
Also, investors ‘ interest may be to the company “RusHydro”, as in the first half, the company managed to increase energy production by almost 13%. Plus “Volga Hydro” will be sold for 450 million rubles, which will provide company services the new investment program. Therefore, the shares will be an interesting company, and so it was in a long downtrend and at the moment too oversold. In the bigger picture we will see some sideways movement for the indexes of the Russian stock market.
The us stock market closed lower due to massive fixing of positions relative to all sectors. This may indicate a growing instability of the market. Similar discrepancies occurred as a result of the recessions of 2001 and 2008-2009, and recently they entered into a market correction that began in late January. FedEx Corp (NYSE: FDX), the first in the group posted quarterly revenue September 17, missed estimates on wall Street, as the costs were weighted by margin. This year, the global delivery company parcels had been challenged by the ongoing trade disputes between the United States and its major bilateral trading partners, particularly China and Europe.
The company’s shares on their acquisition can be seen in the area of prices of $230.00 per share. A strengthening dollar may also put pressure on transport companies, because US products become less affordable to foreign consumers, which could lead to reduced supplies abroad. Meanwhile, investors will get a clearer picture in the coming weeks about the extent to which fluctuations in trade, fuel costs and the rising dollar, send them a warning sign.
Shares of Tesla Inc (O: TSLA) fell by 7%, as hedge Fund David Einhorn, “Greenlight Capital” refused to help the company the next day after the General Director of “Tesla” Elon Musk mocked the U.S. Commission on securities and the exchanges on Twitter. Shares are again approaching the area of purchases of $250.00 per paper. Disney (NYSE: DIS) has commenced exchange offers and consent to participate in the acquisition of media assets of the company “Twenty-first century” (FOX, FOXA). He launched the exchange offer for each and all of the outstanding notes 21st century Fox America for $ of 18.13 billion in new notes, “Disney” and cash. In this case interesting price for investors will be in the neighborhood of $110.00 per share.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”