The price of gold: the Expert spoke about the reasons for future growth

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What will be the next crisis and what to do to investors more and more often in various forums discuss these issues. And if you follow the theory of cycles, then now is the time 10 years have passed since the recession of 2008
Currency war, the mutual duties, the sanctions are aimed at delaying the timing of the collapse in the markets, but is unlikely to prevent it. And since we are unlikely to be announced on TV and radio about the beginning of the crisis, is to prepare for it in advance. Technical analysis provides a ready-made analysis tools and specific actions.
First, we need to detect trends. What do we see? In Russia, the structure of foreign exchange reserves in recent years has changed significantly: the proportion of gold increased tenfold, and investment in debt securities of US fell to the lowest level – from 176 billion to $ 15 billion. The world has accumulated too much unsecured debt, the amount of global debt 247 trillion dollars, and all major economies continue to increase debt. The printing press continues to work in the hope of improving economic statistics.
In such conditions, and not repeated, and again – a smart choice will be cared for in other assets, which are many, but the most reliable to date see gold. Its a lot of foreign exchange reserves of Central banks, the volume of production is limited, and according to the forecasts of Goldman Sachs, in the next few years the mining of this precious metal even will begin to decline.
These and many other factors, most likely, will cause explosive growth in gold prices in the near future.
Now gold is cheaper. With a high of 1360 dollars per ounce prices dropped to $ 1,200, and may even lower $ 30 per ounce. And it’s a great technical level for long-term purchases. Under this option, investment is waiting for this year’s rise in gold to $ 1,300 per ounce in the beginning of next year to $ 1400 per ounce. If work is indicated a set of factors, and countries will not be able to negotiate the terms of economic relations, the increase in the price of gold will be fantastic, and perhaps we will see prices more than $ 3,000 per Troy ounce.
Kuzovlev Vladimir,
Financial analyst,
Larson & Holz