The price of Brent crude oil fell below $ 52 per barrel

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Stock Market Group – the Price of Brent crude oil on world markets continues to put on the record, and to the current time has reached 52 dollars per barrel, total spending at the end of the day of 3.5%.
The fall of the commodities market occurred against the backdrop of aggressive sales in the stock markets and the uncertainty of investors in the future prospects of the reduction of oil production by OPEC countries.
The cost of the February futures for oil on the London stock exchange updated at least 4 September 2017, which was a record decline in the last 17 months. Only Oct the depreciation of “black gold” amounted to more than 40% since the beginning of the year 22%.
We will remind that this morning the price of a barrel of oil reached a peak of 54 dollars, and many experts were quick to announce the beginning of growth of raw materials.
However, the global downturn on global markets and geopolitical instability has led many major players to leave the market prior to the completion of holidays.
Messages OPEC agreement to cut production until the end of 2019 was met with skeptical investors, and today it was clear that further growth of quotations up to the end of the year in doubt.
Igor Gross,
Analyst of commodity markets,
Stock Market Group