The price of bitcoin: the Cyber attack and pressure regulators hasten the fall

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The price of bitcoin and major cryptocurrency could have a little grow back, but at the same time, their rise is insignificant and, most likely, will not last long. Probably, soon the stock market will resume its decline in the developed market strong downtrend.
Investors turned their attention to the American CFTC request for information regarding the Ethereum cryptocurrency and its underlying technology. To provide a response to your request, the regulator gave the developers 60 days.
Furthermore, disturbing news for the market were the results of the study of cyber attacks on cryptocurrencies. Only in the first half of this year, hackers stole with digital kryptomere more coins than the whole of last year. In the third quarter of this year they stole more than $927 million
At 11.00 the exchange rate of bitcoin per day increased by 1.06% – to $ 3408 in the capitalization of $60,7 billion Ethereum by this time rose by 2.04% to 88.1 per dollar, its market capitalization of $9.3 billion XRP per day grew in price on 0,33% – to 0.3 per dollar, its market capitalization has reached $12.5 billion in Litecoin strengthened by 1.68% to 23.8 per dollar with a market capitalization of $1.5 billion.
The total capitalization of the stock market amounted to $109,5 billion.
Probably, when formed in the market strong downtrend cryptocurrency in the near future will come back to decrease. The bitcoin exchange rate could soon fall to 3300-3350 dollars, Ethereum may go down to 86-87 dollars, XRP – to 0,29 dollar, Litecoin is up to 22-23 dollars.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club