The price of bitcoin is not to develop growth above $ 12,000

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Bitcoin price konsolidiruyutsya close to 12,000, unable to develop the offensive and to update the June highs at $14,000. Still, 3 months of the reference cryptocurrency grew by 93%. The index of dominance of the BTC over the same period increased by 21 percentage points, surpassing the 69%. This process continues and the market participants are paying less attention Aldona. Experts believe that several alternative cryptocurrencies will be a separate blockchains (e.g. Ethereum), ceasing to reckon altline, while the vast majority of the cryptocurrency, will simply disappear because of its meaninglessness.
Thus, the complexity of hashing is very cheap (by historical standards) anonymous cryptocurrency zcash for (ZEC) remains near historic highs, indicating that the miners turn off their equipment, and, therefore, can survive and await the return of demand. It should be noted that the computational power of the network is one of the few physically measurable factors.
Similar statements can be made with regard to other altcoins, who for the last six months has fallen out of favor of investors. Fruitless for the price at Litecoin (LTC) having scored another nail in the situation. However, if you think about the strategy of “buying at the bottom”, when no one believes in the prospects of the market, owners of altcoins can still expect a pleasant surprise. All the investors have put up with the purely speculative nature of the price dynamics of bitcoin, so what then prevents a similar scenario at some point played around altcoins?
Geopolitics has a serious negative impact on all traditional assets, causing the fall of some and the growth of others. Traditionally, in such times investors grows, the demand for safe assets. If it had been gold, the franc and the yen, now the list includes bitcoin. It should be noted that it is difficult to try the role of a defensive asset due to sharp fluctuations in prices, and it is more suitable for risk diversification broad portfolio of investors.
Opponents of cryptocurrencies with your opinion about the replacement of traditional money their digital counterparts and does refer to the impossibility of the existence of digital coins without Fiat. They indicate, for example, that the Venezuelan Bolivar continues to guarantee the possibility of exchange for dollars or bitcoins.
It is likely that BTC and altcoins will go down in history as the largest global casino, or convenient means to move money. But governments never let go of their hands the main tool around which is built the traditional financial system.
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