The oil price rose, the price of a barrel is more than 66$

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The beginning of the week and oil is positive. The cost of a barrel is over $ 66 per barrel, and the preconditions for serious decrease no.
Commodity traders got acquainted with the monthly report from the IEA’s experts made a forecast for growth of demand for oil to 1.5 million barrels from the current 1.4 million and, therefore, expect a slight increase in prices.
Data on the number of drilling rigs was higher than expected, but the news was blocked after the resignation of U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson because of the rumors (!) the fate of the nuclear deal Iran that allowed Tehran to increase oil production. Former Secretary of state advocated the preservation of deal with Iran, but replaced it Mike Pompeo agree with the position of the President of Donald trump that the deal should be terminated.
The concern is the large number of non-running and completely ready-to-run installations when the right situation, but the Arctic anticyclone reminded that Gaza is not enough. The UK has purchased gas from Russia at $ 1.5 billion (it is strange that at the regular price), and Europe is not left behind and the beginning of the week will continue to raise quotes to the top of the range for oil and gas.
In addition, the Russian market would influence the internal factor of the political sphere – the election of the President. Quotes depend on the mood of investors speculating on the market, so the week will be in their power more than fundamental analysis.
Nikolay Shiryaev
“International financial center”