The oil market is filled with sales, the fed supported the dollar.

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Russian ruble on Thursday moves non-uniformly in a basket of currencies. Investors have already factored in yesterday’s failed auction of Finance, where it has failed the sale of short-term OFZ, and watching new oil attempts to push the line of $72 per barrel of Brent. Conjuncture for the Russian currency today is not the best, but the market clearly is waiting for additional signals.
By mid-afternoon, the greenback worth of 63.24. and rises by 0.3%. Euros reduced symbolically and is 73,45 RUB the Russian Central Bank raised foreign exchange rates for Friday, now they are 63,13 rubles per dollar (+58 cents) and RUB 73,42 per Euro (+32 cents).
The market of raw materials for the most part in minor. North sea Brent blend was trading at midday at $72,04 per barrel, and the barrel of light oil WTI costs $67,04 (-0,9%). After the energy Ministry confirmed the observation of the American petroleum Institute showed stockpiles of the black gold, the bears clocked for real. While there is every reason for the slide of oil towards $71,75 per barrel.
The dollar remains in a strong position on the world market currencies as the fed on the eve confirmed that he intends to raise interest rates this year twice, in September and probably in December. This is probably the best that the American currency could expect at the last meeting, but this driver market uses the most. Session Thursday for the dollar will end within 63,10-to 63.75 rubles, Euro – within the boundaries of 73.30-74,00 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,