The mood on the Russian stock market are changing with an enviable constancy

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How wound up recently, the mood on the Russian stock market is changing consistently. Thursday, November 1, was the day lethargic correction to yesterday’s explosive growth. Index Mosberg slid towards the evening in the area of 2340 points, but the activity of “bears” is not visible. It is not excluded that in the near future the market will try to gain a foothold in the corridor 2330-2350 points on the index of Mosuri, but in the case of activation of the negative investors quickly minimized all purchases. The RTS index konsolidiruyutsya about 1123 points on Thursday evening, Friday’s session will be held within 1117-1125 points.
From interesting news of the day – translation of oil refining on “manual” regime and Russia announced counter-sanctions against a wide range of Ukrainian figures and companies. All this, however, left the exchange indifferent, without any external indication of the direction of movement of the Russian market lately.
Oil in the evening remain moderately minor mood because of the expansion of the States of production of black gold – on the eve of this data was reflected in the weekly report US Department of energy on stocks of raw materials and petroleum products. In the eve of 5 November, when against Iran will be introduced a full U.S. sanctions, any indication that the fast growth of the production is an excellent ground for the power “bears” in the oil market.
The ruble is moving in the direction of their own interests. Here for a long time nothing happens. The ranges for pairs of ruble remains unchanged, for tonight and for Friday they are 65,60-66,10 RUB per U.S. dollar and 74,50-75,45 RUB for Euro.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,