The hryvnia will continue to strengthen against the dollar and the Euro

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The hryvnia on Monday, weakening slightly against the dollar deals, near the mark of 27.2 hryvnia per dollar. However, probably, in the nearest future the Ukrainian currency will be able to somewhat strengthen against the backdrop of the country’s cooperation with the International monetary Fund and relatively low energy prices. Now for a little over a year Ukraine will receive from the IMF of 3.9 billion dollars, nearly half of which has already been listed. Also positive for the hryvnia remains some easing of the monetary policy of the fed, which has taken a pause in raising rates.
In addition, the torque supports a number of internal factors, such as the record crop harvested in the fall. Another important factor that affects the rate of the hryvnia are, of course, the presidential election, which will be held March 31. Some of the candidates for the presidency advocate a complete rupture of relations with the IMF.
It can be expected that in the near term, the hryvnia will continue to move near the mark of 27 hryvnia for one dollar.
Vadim Kovalenko,
GK Forex Club