The growth of the ruble has stopped, and inflation in Russia are trying to hide

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Russian ruble in Friday trading slightly lower against the dollar and more visible – in tandem with the Euro. Grinbek is present 66,95 rubles (+0,05%). Euro rises to 0.4% and is estimated at RUB 77,19 Courses Central Bank of Russia on the coming weekend and Monday, January 14, as follows: 66,91 RUB per U.S. dollar (increased by 5 cents) and 77,12 RUB per EUR (reduced to 9 cents).
The price of oil today, move a little. A barrel of Brent day, is worth $61,77 (+0,15%), light oil grows a bit more. Tonight the market will follow the publication of new data on the number of drilling rigs from Baker Hughes. The rest went on the week news already factored into prices.
Vigorous rebound in raw this week made me think, not a reversal. In this light it is very informative will be a bullish attempt to test the levels of $62,00 62,50 and. However, it is doubtful that it will happen today. On Fridays, as it had been lately, investors loved to record weekly profit in commodity positions. This week a barrel of Brent has risen by 7%, so moderate fixation would be logical. This week oil rose in price on the American-Chinese news, the same in the near future is not expected, so the bulls move higher will be problematic.
Observers are increasingly talking about inflation in Russia. This is a disadvantage of the ruble, but the extent of dispersal of the prices have not yet seen: no recent data, but there are observations about how the manufacturer is trying to preserve its revenue, without scaring the consumer with high price tags. It reduces the weight of the product, is not obvious, carefully, without violations. In the routine this may not be noticed, the trend is clear – the savings started.
The US dollar to close Friday in the range 66,80-67,45, the Euro will go to the input within the boundaries of 77.00-77,75 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,