The global stock market is waiting for the outcome of the G-20 summit

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Futures world stock indices fell 0.5-2%, among them, most fall Asian because of the lack of Japanese and Indian investors. The result that trading volume is 2 times lower compared to conventional fluorescent. Against this background is reduced by 0.95% December futures on the MSCI “Emerging markets”, because of this we can expect decline of the Russian market at the opening of trading. In addition, global investors eyed negotiations between China and the United States on the subject of a trade war at the summit “Large-20” 30 Nov.
When the unsuccessful outcome will be violated even deeper trade ties between Chinese and American firms, it will slow down the growth of the world economy, which will partially reduce demand for oil while production growth in the United States. However, on Monday 26 November there will be a major tax payments: severance tax, VAT, excise duties that will help the ruble strengthen in the current Friday-Monday.
Viktor Veselov,
Chief analyst,