The fall of the ruble compensates for rising in price oil

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The Russian stock market is trading at the upper limits of the trading range. General background can be described as neutral. The weakening of the ruble kompensiruet stability in oil prices. U.S. sanctions squeeze Iranian oil exports, increasing global demand, despite attempts by Washington to force other manufacturers to increase production.
The path of least resistance for oil prices, given the fundamentals of supply, remains in force. But the US government doesn’t want to push the price of oil, which may reduce economic activity or even to cause a slowdown in global growth. Russia, USA and Saudi Arabia are the world’s three largest oil producers, which accounted for about a third of the world’s nearly 100 million barrels per day daily consumption of crude oil.
Market participants will continue to focus on the oil and gas sectors of the country. Gazprom shares broke important area of sales and will continue to grow to the prices 160.00 rubles per share. Rosneft after the correction has increased the growth potential to reach new price levels in the mark 500.00 rubles per share. Tatneft in the coming months will reach 900,00 rubles per share. The rest of the sector will be less interesting to investors. Given the impact factors of the Russian stock market will be very stable due to the oil and gas sector.
U.S. stock indexes maintain diversity due to the pressure from large companies in the sector. Many investors are closely watching the situation around the shopping wars.
The US President Donald trump said Friday that he is ready to levy additional taxes from almost all of Chinese imports, threatening duties on 267 billion more than planned tariffs on 200 billion of Chinese goods. China has said it will respond if Washington would take any new steps in trade. In addition, Apple last week said that “a wide range” of its products will be affected, although it does not mention the iPhone. At the same time, investors are optimistic about the US economic data and projections for revenues. Shares of United Rentals (N: URI) rose 5.0% after the company said it is buying private rent BlueLine Rental.
Among the other winners Nike (N: NKE) rose 2.2% after the report stated that the growth of sales per day of production of footwear increased, which eased concerns about demand for advertising after Colin Kaepernick. Tesla (O: TSLA) gained 8.5 percent after brokerage firms. Baird and Bernstein said that the car was profitable, and profits in the second half were positive. The price level of 250.00 is interesting to investors since April this year formed a support zone purchases.
With regard to the securities of Alibaba (N: BABA) shares dropped 3.7% after the company said that Jack MA will step down as Chairman for one year, passing the reins to trusted Lieutenant of chief Executive officer Daniel Zhang. We can continue to watch the divergence between the closure of the indexes, but the term their growth has not been canceled yet.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”