The fall of the Euro was a powerful, expert said the reasons

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Saw how much fell euros? Then he has his reasons. The US dollar is among the most powerful investors demand as a safe asset while the investment world is watching the development of a new phase of the trade wars between the US and China.
From September 1, entered into force an additional 5% import tariffs on goods of Chinese origin in the United States. The list of names that fall under the logical increase in the prices in the end, a lot of things, from technological units like portable speakers to sneakers and outerwear.
This means that these products the market will become more expensive, the consumer will lose out. Now, import duties are raised by the part, not completely, but that is enough. In addition, global investors are seriously worried about a recession in the economy of the United States.
In result, the Euro/dollar last Friday, updated the minimum value since may 15, 2017 level 1,0989, and is ready to decline further. The immediate support for the main currency pair is 1.0965, resistance stands above 1.1000.
Considering how weakened considerably “European” in tandem with “American”, it can be expected that on Monday, the Euro/ruble quickly go to the area of 73.00.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,
“Information-analytical center “Alpari”